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eTolar (100,000 tokens for $1,000)



100,000 tokens for every $1,000

Product no.: 582
common price 1,000.00 USD (4.55 ETH)
our price without Tax : 1,000.00 USD (4.55 ETH)
our price including Tax (0 %):
1,000.00 USD (4.55 ETH)

into the basket:
  100,000 ETL in block  

Token description

Description Of The eTolar Token

eTolar is a utility & asset-backed (after the completion of ICO) token for use in the social media network and general use.

Token name: eTolar

eTolar symbol: ETL

Transaction execution time: 3 seconds

Performance: 2,000 TPS (transactions per second)

Platform, network & blockchain: TRON network MainNet


Example: You intend to buy tokens for a certain amount of money, say, $5,000

Simply enter 5 items to buy (i.e. 5x 100,000 eTolar tokens), in sum 500,000 tokens

Total amount = $5,000

Note: If you intend to participate in ICO with an amount of €1,000 ($1,160) or higher, 
you need to register in compliance with the legislation.