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eTolar (1,000 tokens)



one thousand tokens

Product no.: 101
common price 10.00 USD (0.05 ETH)
our price without Tax : 10.00 USD (0.05 ETH)
our price including Tax (0 %):
10.00 USD (0.05 ETH)

into the basket:
  1,000 ETL in block  

Token description

Description Of The eTolar Token

eTolar is a utility & asset-backed (after the completion of ICO) token for use in the social media network and general use.

Token name: eTolar

eTolar symbol: ETL

Transaction execution time: 3 seconds

Performance: 2,000 TPS (transactions per second)

Platform, network & blockchain: TRON network MainNet

Note: The minimum order is $30 or equivalent in other cryptos, i.e. 3,000 ETL tokens.

Example 1: You intend to buy 55,000 eTolar tokens. 

Simply enter 55 items to buy (that is, 55x 1,000 tokens) in the order volume box next to the "Buy" button, and click onto Buy button and then click the basket button.

You will see the total price in USD. You can pay an adequate value in cryptos. 

Cryptos prices can be seen at

Example 2: You intend to buy eTolar tokens for 1 ETH. You can look at the for ETH price.

The price for ETH is for example $ 200.  You may divide $200/$10 = 20 blocks of 1,000 eTolar tokens for 1 Ethereum.

If you buy 20 blocks of eTolar tokens, each block contains 1,000 eTolar tokens (in total 20,000 tokens),

you will pay 1 ETH. 

Example 3: 
You intend to buy tokens for a certain amount of money, say, $500

Please go to category "eTolar tokens per USD":

and click picture: "10,000 ETL for $100" and enter 5 items to buy (i.e. 5x 10,000 eTolar token)

Total amount = $500