How to shop
How to shop

It is best to give some examples:




You have TRX and want to buy 10,000 eTolar tokens.

Simply click the 1,000 ETL image and choose 10 pieces of this item.

It costs $100. You can look at

you can make a simple calculation: TRX price/ETL price

for example: $0.02/$0.01 = 2

which means: for each 1 TRX you get 2 ETL

10,000 eTolar tokens/2 = 5,000 TRX

You you can buy 10,000 ETL and pay 5,000 TRX

Purchased eTolar tokens will usually be received within 15 minutes,

during heavy traffic, tokens will be received within a few hours.

     B) Another example:

You want to buy eTolar tokens for 0.5 Ethereum.

You can look at

you can make a simple calculation: ETH price/ETL price

for example: $200/$0.01 = 20,000

which means: for each 1 ETH you get 20,000 ETL

20,000 ETL x 0.5 ETH = 10,000 ETL

You you can buy 10,000 ETL and pay 0.5 ETH 
     C) And another example:

You want to buy eTolar tokens for $200.

Simply click the "10,000 ETL for $100" image,

and choose 2 pieces of this item.

You will receive 20,000 ETL.

Customer identification

EU and local law requires a mandatory customer identification
for purchases of 1000 EUR (equivalent) i.e. cca $1,160 or more.

Please send us a picture of the front and back of the ID card
or passport
and the statement that you are not subject to EU sanctions.

Sending is best done with automatic encrypted Telegram, Signal
or via e-mail.

We also need to know your address.


Procedures for Buying and Receiving eTolar tokens

A) Participants who buy tokens with a value of less than 1,000 EUR (cca $1,160)
or equivalent in other currencies may send cryptocurrency or make a bank wire transfer to published addresses or bank accounts (in the Payment section).

B) Participants who buy tokens with a value equal to or higher than 1000 EUR
(cca $1,160) or equivalent in other currencies must comply with customer identification rules in accordance with EU legislation.

After the payment (and eventual identification) the participant receives an adequate amount of tokens within one day (typically 15-30 minutes). Tokens will be sent to the participant's specified wallet address.

If a participant mistakenly made an order and requested cancellation of the order prior to payment and delivery of tokens, the order will be canceled without any charges.

After making a order, payment and after sending tokens to specified wallet address, it is impossible to cancel the order and/or return the tokens.


Accepted Cryptocurrencies & Currencies:

Ethereum (Ether), Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, TRON, Dash, Qtum, NEO, Monero, NEM, Tether, Zcash, USD, EUR


Legal Disclaimer

The eTolar token is not a security, a commodity, or any other financial instrument and does not fall within the ambit of the securities law of any country or jurisdiction in which the potential holder of the tokens is a resident.

It is token holder‘s responsibility not to lose their eTolar tokens by losing access to the key file 
or private key that allow access to token holder‘s token wallet and/or allowing malicious third parties to access token holder‘s key file or private key and/or token wallet. ICO administrator will not be held liable for any loss of tokens and/or other damage incurred by tokenholder as a result of the loss of key file/private key and/or wallet password or attack on token holder's wallet.

eTolar tokens do not represent or grant any direct or indirect (e.g.conversion right) equity stake of ICO administrator or any other ownership right, share or equivalent right, voting right or any entitlement to receive future profit, shares, intellectual property rights or any other form of participation in ICO administrator or any other rights whatsoever.

Some statements, assessments, estimations and financial information contained in white paper 
are forward-looking statements or information. Such forward-looking statements and information address well-known and unknown risks and uncertainty factors which may cause actual events or results to substantially differ from the assessment or from the results which are implied or contained in the forward-looking statements or information.