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The purpose of the eTolar project is to offer an alternative to old-generation cryptocurrencies that have zero intrinsic value, and to demonstrate the usefulness of an asset backed currency in real-life operation.

The old generation social media uses a business model where content creators create monetizable content that brings social media operators $40 billion a year and content creators get nothing.

The aim of the project is also to demonstrate that brand new business model based on cryptocurrency can successfully compete with this old business model.

The cryptocurrency, which will become the most widely used and popular, will get into this position through the use in the social media.

About Historical Tolar

Tolar is the historical silver coin minted in Czech Kingdom of Bohemia from 1520 to 1528. It was the main currency in Bohemia from 1520 to 1750. 

The modern word dollar was derived from the Spanish dollar, which in turn was derived from the tolar.

This is reverse side of tolar, with the Bohemian Lion and the name of Ludovicus, the Czech king.

Historical tolar was a high quality and valuable coin.

The eTolar project would like to follow the beautiful tradition in a modern form.